The number one question people ask us about living on a floating home is what it’s like in winter. And not just any winter. Cold, windy, snowy Ontario winters! There are a few surprising things about winter in Bluffer’s Park Marina that make float home life even more special during the winter. Here’s why!

All the seasonal boats disappear

Marinas are a fun place to be in the summer. They’re full of yachts, speed boats, seadoos and lots of pleasure seekers all trying to take advantage of the beautiful views, lake and summer heat. But for those of us who live full time in those marinas, they can make for busy and crowded places. You get used to it. But that’s what makes the winter so great. The yachts are hauled out of the water for the season and seadoos are parked on land. The only boats left in the water are houseboats that live there year round. It makes for beautiful, undisturbed views of the lake.

The tourists stop coming

Don’t get us wrong – we love the fact that people come to visit the Scarborough Bluffs and floating homes. We’re happy to spread the joy of life on the water with everyone. But it can make for a lot of noise in the peak summer months. That all changes in the winter. The parking lots and streets are empty. The beaches and trails are quiet. It’s the most tranquil time of year. If you like living in solitude, then winter on a floating home is for you.

It’s not as cold as you think

At Bluffer’s Park Marina, the floating homes are all docked on the North-South Dock, which is largely sheltered by the beautiful Bluffs themselves. Even when the waves are roaring on the other side of the marina, we barely feel a ripple. It’s only when the wind comes from one certain direction that you feel it. But the rest of the time, you’re in a beautiful secluded cove. And less wind means less cold. It’s often warmer here in winter than in other parts of the city!

The wildlife make your deck their home

Most of us who live on floating houses share a love of wildlife. In the summer, the swans, ducks, geese and mink will keep their distance in the waters. But in the winter, they’ll walk from the ice right up onto your deck! Imagine waking up to trumpeter swans resting on your deck. It’s a beautiful sight.

Skating parties!

When the lake freezes, you can step or skate right off your deck. From hockey games to skating nights with hot chocolate, you don’t have to go very far to enjoy those winter nights with friends.

But, ok, it’s not perfect

Just like with anything, there are ups and downs. For instance, we have to pump out our septic systems usually anywhere from every 6 to 8 weeks. When it’s cold out, that’s not a fun job. But if you keep your eye on the weather and plan to do it on one of those beautifully sunny winter days, it’s not so bad. Plus, the close community means neighbours are always willing to help you out.

Still have questions about life on a floating home in the winter? Drop us a line or come see us for yourself!