From Toronto to Seattle to Amsterdam to Bangkok, floating homes can be found in almost every corner of the world. But no two floating homes are the same. We’ve rounded out our list of the five most unique floating homes in the world.

5. Seattle

The floating homes in Seattle are famous around the world, but perhaps none more so than the one that Tom Hanks lived in for Sleepless in Seattle. Located in Lake Union, the home’s exteriors were used in the box office hit. The four bedroom, two bathroom home was first built in 1978. It may not be very innovative in design by today’s standards, but it deserved a spot on our list for the attention and love it brought to floating homes everywhere!

Close-up of the floating home in Seattle that was featured in the movie Sleepless in Seattle

4. British Columbia

We had to give a shout out to the floating homes on the other side of this country! Popular in both Vancouver and Victoria, floating homes in B.C. are common. Their design is anything but. With bright colours, unique shapes and quirky personalities, these floating homes have become a tourist attraction in their own right.

Colourful houseboats and floating homes in Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, British Columbia.

3. Villa Näckros, Kalmar, Sweden

Villa Näckros is a floating multi-story villa on the east coast of Sweden and the brainchild of architect Staffan Strindberg. It was designed with sustainability and the environment in mind. Not only is it beautiful, but you can live in peace knowing you’re leaving a minimal footprint on the ecosystem around you.

The floating Villa Näckros in Kalmar, Sweden.

2. Ijburg, Amsterdam

What makes these floating homes so unique is that they’re actually built on artificial islands that have been raised from the lake below. They’re being built partly in response to climate change and rising water levels. By the time they’re completed, they should have 18,000 homes for 45,000 residents, complete with their own schools, shops, jobs and a beach.

The floating village of Ijburg, Amsterdam.

1. Bluffer’s Park Marina, Toronto, Ontario

Ok, so we’re biased. But we think the floating homes in Toronto are pretty spectacular. They’re just a short drive from the city centre, they’re located in the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs, and there are only 25 of them, making them unique gems. See all 25 here.