For those of us who live on a floating home, we could never imagine living anywhere else. But in case you needed more than one reason to live on a floating house, here are 10!

10. It’s waterfront living at a fraction of the price.

Floating Home Toronto

9. It feels like you’re always on vacation.

Scarborough Bluffs

8. There’s no closer view to wildlife in the water.

Swan Lake Ontario

7. With only 25 allowed in Toronto, they’re in high demand and values continue to rise.

Toronto Float Home #18

6. You’re instantly part of a community.

Floating Homes in Toronto

5. There’s no long commute to cottage country.

Toronto Floating Home #5

4. You can swim, canoe and kayak off your front porch.

Trumpeter Swans

3. It encourages sustainable living.

Scarborough Bluffs

2.Friends always want to visit you.

Toronto Floating Homes
  1. There’s nowhere like it anywhere in Toronto. Get in touch to find your new dream home.
Scarborough Bluffs